What the He*L was I thinking?

My husband just informed me he accepted a bet with his boss that he could put his tongue on a hot rotor for 20 seconds. If he won he would get free lunch for everyone. He "only" made it for 10 seconds. I am not sure how to take this information (other than I wonder if somebody hid some beer in a trash can at his place of employment and maybe everyone has been drinking since 7 am) I guess since we both chose low paying professions he is now so desparate for food he is willing to burn his tongue right out of his skull. I chose to be a public librarian. I work at a job that requires me to have a master's degree, get paid less than what I owe in student loans, work evenings, weekends and field all kinds of odd ball requests and situations. Fire in the bathroom, no problem. Kids rollerblading in the reference area, happens about once a week. Kids who come in for the day complete with cooler: well at least they are well behaved. Child vomits on floor, yep happens more than I care to remember. Patron wants you to (choose one) purchase airline tickets for you, complete transaction on Amazon or Ebay for you, write up resume for them, give tax advice, fill out an online form for benefits, give them a hug (really happened to me several times), and once, at one library I worked at, a request to bring the books right to the persons house (and no we did not have a books in the mail program) What the heck was I thinking when I chose this profession? And why do I still work in it?


Was it just a sandwich and a pop? Or was it a good substantial sit down lunch. As a man I'd have to analyize that offer very carefully. How hot was the wheel? Don't give me the thing in Centigrade either that's too complicated (5/9 * latitude +32 - last nights Red Wings score).

I'm not anti public librarian but the corporate sector does hire librarians and they pay a lot more. I got my benefits handbook for my new job and it is as thick as The Secret Life of Bees. Pay, benefits, mmm mmm good. My title does not say librarian, but who cares.

How hot? I think so hot you could end up with your tongue permanently glued to a rotor. Sorry don't have exact temperatures but the lunch did not involve a sit down meal but it might have involved some good meat so maybe it would have been worth it...Congrats on the new job. The benefits sound good. My last job's benefits could fit on a 3x5 index card.

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