The Bush Agenda: Book Recommendations from The First Lady

Suggestion from Helen Oram at
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: "Our First Lady, Laura Bush, is a devoted lover of books and supporter of reading for everyone. Mrs. Bush, a former librarian, has recommended a wonderful selection of books - even categorizing some to be read as a family, some to be read to young children, and so forth.

You can see a list of her selections on the White House web site at reading recommendations from Laura Bush".


Is the fat guy with the drug, weapon and criminal problems going to show up? Didn't he get a never liver and donate his sperm to someone? He sure is a model citizen.

Which one? Rush Limbaugh or Michael Moore?

As I popped open I was listening to Buffalo Springfield.

Irony.... perhaps, but Paranoia Strikes Deep.

Funny Old Hippes by now I would guess, well at least the music will be good even if I may not agree with the message.

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