The Bush Agenda: Book Recommendations from The First Lady

Suggestion from Helen Oram at
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: "Our First Lady, Laura Bush, is a devoted lover of books and supporter of reading for everyone. Mrs. Bush, a former librarian, has recommended a wonderful selection of books - even categorizing some to be read as a family, some to be read to young children, and so forth.

You can see a list of her selections on the White House web site at reading recommendations from Laura Bush".


As I popped open I was listening to Buffalo Springfield.

Irony.... perhaps, but Paranoia Strikes Deep.

Funny Old Hippes by now I would guess, well at least the music will be good even if I may not agree with the message.

Is the fat guy with the drug, weapon and criminal problems going to show up? Didn't he get a never liver and donate his sperm to someone? He sure is a model citizen.

Which one? Rush Limbaugh or Michael Moore?

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