Mark April 28 On Your Calendars -- It's National Hairball Awareness Day

Here's probably more than you'll ever want to know about feline hairballs. Hair balls - or trichobezoars, to the veterinarily inclined - rank among the most common ailments suffered by cats and, subsequently, by their owners.

"Usually you find them in the morning, with your bare feet," says Ed Zigon Jr., a lab technician who lives with six cats in Morrisville. For people who own cats - a third of all American households, half of those with two or more - hair balls are an issue that keeps coming up.


Okay, We've had this discussion before and had I guess it's true, but it's also topsecret, classified, right, The Feds aren't listening right? but maybe not universally so...we librarians...a least many of us live with cats and THEY own US!Sure many probably have pets of other do kids count ;)?Ack! So another stereotype...confirmed! ^^

Meow miaow. Meow miaow, meow miaow, meow miaow. Meow. Meow. Miaow.Sincerely,The Cats

Every day is hairball awarness day at my house! If you don't believe me ask the girls: Baxter and Margaret.

I use a 6 gallon wet/dry ShopVac to suck them up, that is the ones I don't step on. They really don't bother me too much. It may be the Scotchguard on the rug, or the decade and a half of nursing, but a little mushy cat hair really is not a big deal.

At least they don't poop on the rug.

Yes, we've a household with FOUR cats (two are mine, two are my sister's). I usually manage step in the hacked up hairballs when I'm finding my way to the washroom in the middle of the night. In the dark, without my glasses. *sigh* If my sister's lucky, I'll clean it up right away...most times she isn't.

Honestly, I can't stand cleaning up cat puke with or without hairballs, especially if it smells--it makes me gag and feel like I'm gonna heave. But even with hairballs and having to clean litterboxes, I still wouldn't give my boys (Blair & Rowan) up for a dog. Dogs are nice as long as they're not in my house.

Good heavens! Fifteen years of nursing? You know, you're supposed to wean them eventually.

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