Filter blocks based on contents, not list


jbz writes "Here's PC magazine's review of an internet filter, currently being marketed to parents, that claims to evaluate and block inappropriate websites based on scans of actual content, not listing on a blacklist.


Most filters with any degree of sophistication filter in two ways.1. lists of urls ...this is essential becausee there are graphic pages that cannot be screened for content.2. Phrase filters which scan content. (10 years ago there used to be "keyword filtering" but that is found to be too "overbroad.)here is an example of how an "analytical phrase filter that scans for content works."This is what works the best at this time for pornography.Something has to do something to something.That is the essence of the phrase filter.And example filter phrase would be:[blond,redhead,dog,gay man,girl][sucks,fucks,licks][a big][cock,dong,penis]This line specifies a whole array of phrases to block.Craft the permutations and combinations of these elements and you have a porn “analytical phrase filterâ€. And if a page has these elements you are very likely correct about the nature of the page.This concept seems to work the best."More on concent sscreening here

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