HW Wilson : the Google of the 20th century


Anonymous Patron writes ""We like to think of ourselves as the Google of the 20th century," says HW Wilson Company Vice President Jim Phelan. "Before the Internet age people used to have to go to books and magazines to get information, and they still do. Our company provides indexes to make that very efficient in terms of gathering data from those sources."

NY1's celebration of Bronx Week continues with a look inside a company that has helped students all over the country do their homework for more than 100 years. NY1's Dean Meminger filed this report."


The article says H.W.Wilson has 85 librarians on staff. That is wonderful!

I've always preferred their indexes (including the online versions), but for some reason EBSCO has taken over Texas (our state-wide database contract under TexShare), and next in line after EBSCO is Gale. But here's hoping that H.W.Wilson will put in a serious bid soon.

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