"The Librarian"...soon to be a Comic Book

Mike Gordon writes "To coincide with the December 2006 broadcast premiere of the much-anticipated sequel to Turner Network (TNT)'s "Librarian: Quest of the Spear", Electric Entertainment has signed an exclusive worldwide agreement with Atlantis Studios to produce a graphic novel adaptation of the sequel and produce an original comic book series based on the characters from the two films. The sequel, entitled "The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines",continues the action-packed adventures of Flynn Carson, a man charged with protecting a repository of humanity's greatest secrets, all hidden beneath the monolithic Metropolitan Library from the forces of evil who, if given the chance, would use the priceless treasures for their nefarious plans." More on the production company here.


Hmmmm. I wonder if the ALA will also disassociate itself from organizations that discriminate against independent librarians.

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This is pretty unlikely to go anywhere. There's just the usual suspects up in arms about this; the majority of Council seems to be waiting for them to pipe down, in my opinion. It'd probably be better if they presented a more vocal opposition, though. My two cents at any rate, from lurking on Council's listserv and talking to my state association Council rep.

Which reminds me, if you think this is a bunch of crap, as most of you are saying, be sure to let your state/regional association Council rep know. Even if you aren't a member of ALA, they are there to represent you on Council.

I don't care about the ALA.

This is a follow-up to actions already taken by ALA. And there are more councilors for this than just Rosenzweig: http://www.shush.ws/2006/041606_042206.htm#0417060 817

Note that this is a story from World Net Daily--not exactly a bastion of calm, objective, fact-based journalism. And even they don't claim that this is more than an intended motion from Mark Rosenzweig, the same guy who couldn't get any action on Cuba's "independent librarians."

It serves World Net Daily's agenda to treat this as a fait accompli; that doesn't mean that we should allow our chains to be yanked by them.

I'm all for banning the Boy Scouts because of their anti-homosexual views! Let's do that! But first, I'd also like to ban the pedophiles, the insane, the criminals, the druggies, the drunks, and Bill.

Screw Bill. Bill pisses me off. I want him banned too. I bet he doesn't like homosexuals either.

I mean, what the hell? Any kind of ban against the Boy Scouts is not only idiotic, it's insane. I mean, given a list of all the crap happening in the world today I figure the BSA's views on homosexuality are listed on page 17 underneath "are we watching too much CSI as a people?".

You know something, I'm a bit of a leftist and the ALA manages to piss me off on a regular basis. Maybe it's because of that whole common sense thing they seem to lack.

I am one of the we and I don't care about the ALA.

Who is "we"? I care about the ALA and yes, I'm part of the world.

The Boy Scouts (and its former members such as I) don't care what some whiney leftist group does. What does the ALA do for the Scouts? Nothing.

They can't ban them from libraries, so why should the Boy Scouts give a damn about some pointless paperwork from an impotent group of malcontents.

The Boy Scouts are more likely to get my $75 than the ALA, heck the young Communists are more likely to get my $75 than ALA.

World to ALA: Stop crying wolf and running around like the world has ended. We don't care about you.

1) Reliable volunteer labor. They adopted the library yard a few years ago thank god otherwise it wouldn't look nearly inviting.2) They are encouraged to use the library. Certainly seem to checkout regularly.3) I've give about a gazillion Boy Scout, Cub Scout, and Girl Scout tours. They seem to come back too.4) We don't ban other organizations that discriminate. No more Masons!, oh my board chair needs to resign.5) I get the impression it would definetly effect circulation if we banned them. I'm betting loyalty to the Boy Scouts runs pretty deep in my customer base.I dunno I kinda resent paying dues to an organization that appears to be wasting my time and money on something stupid.

I no longer belong to the American Library Association.ALA can't seem to support issues that would help librarians (salaries, working conditions, unemployment, etc...) but they have time to get involved in things that have no bearing on libraries or librarians!

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