Fibs in New York Times

alf7e writes: "Volunteer elementary school librarian Gregory K. Pincus is in the New York Times today (April 14, 2006) for creating, encouraging, and disseminating the "fib" poetic form, which is based on the Fibonacci mathematical progression. Pincus spread the meme via his blog."
Post a fib in comments to celebrate!


A Fib is a short poem that follows the mathematical progression of the first six integers of the Fibonacci sequence, thusly:

Then torrents.
Notify small craft.
The deluge is upon us now!

Make one of your own. It's fun!

"not-the-Jayson-Blair-kind" is cute but his lies were far less important than the lies of Judith Miller which graced the front pages of the Times and helped bolster the case for war. I recall watching Vice President Cheney tell the hosts of the Sunday morning political chat shows that if anyone didn't believe him when he said why we need to invade Iraq, they could read the articles in the Times and find support for his arguments.

One of the things that makes me think something else was afoot with Blair's well-publicized and covered dismissal (and the subsequent NYT mea culpa) is how there was no comparable event, staff firings, or mea culpa about Miller's far more significant lies.

If you'd like to learn more about the problems with Miller's articles, I strongly encourage reading's coverage.

Not to be rude but what the heck are you talking about? This is about poetry modeled on the Fibonacci series, not what the NYT prints. I know the tagline mentioned Jayson Blair, but geez try to stay on message or it looks like you only care about one thing - disparaging the administration no matter how tangential the dialogue.

Oh, sorry never mind.

Joke!Ha!Blair orMiller? Huh?The "department" lineis for humor, not politics.I wanted to make a funny "department" line for my post, as I always do, and I chose Jayson Blair's name because he's associated with lies in the NYT. No political agenda. No pointed digs at anybody. No point at all, really. Just a joke. Lighten up and post a poem already. Sheesh!

Gosh, people are touchy aren't they? I thought your joke was funny. Peace out.

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