Librarian Suggests Right-Wing Books, Hilarity Ensues

Karl Sandwell-Weiss writes "Officials at the Ohio State University are investigating a librarian for 'sexual harassment' after he recommended four conservative books for a freshman reading program. The university is pressing forward, claiming that it takes the charges 'seriously.'" A press release from the Alliance Defense Fund has more details, and there's also some comments over at Inside Higher Ed. Does suggesting a book by Rick Santorum constitute harassment based on sexual orientation?


Whether it's sexual harassment or not, it's a pretty [explitive delted] thing to do.

Sure, lets provide a "unifying experience" for the incoming class by making some feel very unwelcome, and inflaming the irrational hatreds of others.

Who thought this was a good idea? It displays very poor judgement.

I meant what I said and I said what I meant; An elephant's faithful one hundred percent.

Do you mean 337 AD ? :)

I heard about this earlier in the week and I though it was a joke. I was looking for the source to which it was attributed to be the Onion or some such publication.

This is without a doubt one of the funniest things I have ever heard. They asked a librarian for books that would foster quite a bit of dialog - in essence books that would be controversial - and he provided books that he felt would fit the bill.

Now these big college professors relate that they are afraid of these little books. Who else but a leftist could be afraid of a book, perhaps it contained ideas, ideas that differ from the leftist point of view. Lock up the librarians. It works for Castro, he must be very afraid of books. However these college professors have not risen quite to the level of leftieness required to be so afraid of books that they lock up the librarian, they simply charge that his suggestions might make life uncomfortable for people who do strange things with their genitalia. They are vicariously afraid that these students might have something horrible happen to them at the library that contains these books and of course that librarian. My Goodness, he could pray silently for them, or perhaps suggest a book for them. There are Christian books in the collection .....ahhhh away! Run Away!

Holy geez people, they asked for controversial books, he suggested them, and now they are mad because the are not by Jimmy Carter or Maria Shriver. Don't they have books in the library by authors, not has been politicians and Karen Carpenteresque newsreaders?

Here are some suggestions Descartes, Goethe, Aquinus, Aristotle... perhaps then the students could be taught how to think for themselves and not be led by the nose down the gardenpath of liberalism so prevalent on campus today. I am the eternal optomist.


That should be 337 CE.

Freakonomics would have been an excellent choice. The deriding of it by the faculty does not speak of well them. I would conclude that their thinking has become unhealthily calcified. This is exactly the kind of book students need to learn how think in that it clearly illustrates the logical falsity of simplistic thinking.

From all the reports I've seen, Horowitz's "Professors" is a hatchet job. A cobbling together of misrepresentations and outright lies and defamations. I would conclude from statements Horowitz has made that his thinking is unhealthily paranoid.

If you're going to teach from Horowitz then you might as well include that American Gun Culture thingy as well and A Million Little Pieces.

Can't speak for the rest; I haven't read them, but I would like to know how it is that fags and lezzies are suddenly replacing Christ-killers as the New World Order focus for hatred. That would violate a "Christian" tradition established since 337 BCE.

I wouldn't let you hold my coat, I wouldn't trust you to give it back, for one thing, and I know that you wouldn't offer to hold if it was any other kind of censor moron.

They wanted to pick a book that would inspire a lot of debate. Now they have it and get to pay lawyers to debate it now. Be careful of what you wish for, I guess...

Here you are Fang. A knee-jerk, sniveling, liberal censor.

I'll hold your coat.

I just wanted to clarify:

My objection is not to an ideologically conservative book, per se. For instance, as much as I loath Dubya, I would not claim that a book praising his presidency was inappropriate. It would certainly promote discussion-- though it would require the professors to be very active in trying to facilitate civil discussion on both sides to prevent it from denigrating into a flame-fest

However, a book that hatemongers against a portion of the incoming student body? You have GOT to be kidding me. How could ANYONE think that was appropriate or a good idea? That's like trying to promote a discussion on race issues by assigning a book written by the Klu Klux Klan.

Beyond the titles he suggested which I don't think were really appropriate for a "one book" program, the professors also questioned his professional competency.I read throught all the emails cited by the right-wing legal group and in at least one of them, a professor wrote to the supervising librarian that because of Savage's defense of the book in light of the professor's greater scholarly knowledge of the subject of the book, he would not trust Savage enough to send his students to him for guidance on evaluating research sources. This is on page 32 of the PDF.I am surprised that no one else has talked about this. I wonder if there will be other consequences now that the harrassment charges are dropped.

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