NYPL Digital Gallery: 2006 Museums & the Web A


Anonymous Patron writes "NYPL Digital Gallery was recently chosen winner in the Best Research Site category at the annual Best of the Web competition held by Museums and the Web, "the international conference for culture and heritage online." An international panel of museum professionals selects winners each year from nominated sites in categories such as On-line Exhibition, Education, and Research. Web sites nominated in the Best Research Site category "support research on ... collections and provide excellent resources for researchers from any discipline."

What the judges said about NYPL Digital Gallery:

A rich information portal with wide ranging content available for easy use by the researcher, student and/or casual viewer.

Huge amount of information... Not only is the depth of content superb, the functionality of the search engine is exemplary.

This is a fascinating site that is easily searched and makes a wealth of information instantly available.

Past winners in this category include the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Timeline
of Art History
, Tate Online, and the
Theban Mapping Project.


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