Say that again? Books recycle titles


One From The AP says Choosing the title of a Harlequin release can be as challenging as actually writing the book, with the author and editors sometimes sparring for weeks over the precise word or words to entice that imagined reader on the supermarket checkout line.
According to the American Library Association, dozens of works have been called "The Island," including a children's book by Gary Paulsen and a thriller by "Jaws" author Peter Benchley. Marbury acknowledges that she didn't know the title was so common, but she wasn't surprised.


I just put a hold on Fern Michaels' upcoming title Sweet Revenge. My initial search got me several hits for Nora Roberts' Sweet Revenge in various formats, and I was just about to ask the patron if she had the author wrong when I spied the in process record.

Note to Nora and Fern: Subtitles are your friends.

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