Library handed 'rare' Dracula books


A rare collection of Dracula-related books is to be handed over to Dublin City Library, it emerged today.

It includes copies of books on vampires and Transylvanian history likely to have been used by Dublin-born author Bram Stoker for his classic horror novel, foreign translations of Dracula, and first editions of some of Stoker’s other books.

The Bram Stoker Society, which has organised the handover of the collection, said it contained more than 200 books in total.


What a marvelous opportunity for some free publicity for the library. Promote a vampire party. Have the books transferred to the library at night, by guys dressed in opera cloaks and ladies in those weird white gowns favored by vampiresses (?) Everyone present gets their library card punched with two holes, aka vampire teeth.
      Tomato juice served. Bat-shaped cookies. Garlic dip. "Stake 'n ale." Play "The Monster Mash" from the 1960s. Fun stuff.

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