Guards At the Doors of Manchester (UK) Libraries

Protecting library-goers from "gangs of young yobs" throwing eggs and otherwise making a huge nuisance of themselves, guards have been employed by the Manchester (UK) libraires and the situation does seem to have improved somewhat. City officials also think that as the days become longer, the vandalism will diminish. Mary Keeley, chairman of the Fallowfield Tenants and Residents Association, said: "It's a pity such a fine centre (the Platt Lane Library) is under siege from yobs who simply have nothing better to do. Perhaps the council could think about more youth provision as an alternative solution."

Manchester Online has the story.


There is one solution to this kind of anti-social and uncivilized behavior: military service. In no time, they will be disciplined and follow rules. For these yobos, indefinite term of service should apply until they shape up and become civilized. And court-martial them. Make them pay for their behavior, which they will never forget.

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