Appealing To the Voters On Behalf of the Library

It's no surprise that voters are turning down government propositions to send their tax money to the library...left and right.

Here's a different approach...remind those homeowning citizens that money for the library will add value to the price of their homes. A Letter to the Editors at the Levittown (NY)Tribune suggests doing just that...


As long as the tax dollars are spent wisely and the benefits are realised, then the tax increase is justified. But I think this opposition to any tax increase is largely due to the fact that the government, more often than not, deceives the public with empty promises and tends to misuse and waste the tax dollars. So people tend to just blankly oppose any tax increase because of past broken promises and mistrust of government. So, hey you politicians, be honest and keep your promises for a change! How refeshing that would be!

The editors aren't pointing out the value of libraries, rather that is a link to a letter-to-the-editor from two Friends of the Library.

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