Internet porn issue revs up library race


Greenville County South Carolina is in the odd position of having people paying great attention to the upcoming library board elections. Story Here at Greenville Online

The Internet pornography issue has turned the normally ho-hum business of filling seats on the library board into a heated race, putting the controversy squarely in the Greenville County Council\'s lap next week as it chooses seven board members from a field of 16 candidates.

The higher-than-usual interest in the 11-member board comes at a time when the library is being criticized by a consultant who says the system is \"dysfunctional,\" offers poor service in many areas and lacks coordination with its branches.

\"This time we don\'t have to beg for candidates,\" said County Councilman Joe Dill.

Some candidates said they\'re seeking a seat on the board because they\'re concerned about the future of the library and are interested in the construction of a new library. But it is the question of how open the library\'s access should be to the vast and sometimes seamy domain of the Internet that has spurred most of those offering themselves for the board positions.

\"This time we don\'t have to beg for candidates,\" said County Councilman Joe Dill. Four of 13 candidates contacted last week said they favor installing filters on computers for patrons accessing the Internet, and four others three of them incumbents opposed filters.

Two other candidates said they would consider filters to screen pornography and two support using filters only on some computers. One declined to comment. Three of the candidates couldn\'t be reached.

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