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T. R. Halvorson writes:

LexNotes is a new, free online resource for legal
research professionals. It provides categorized and searchable links to
research sources, bibliographies, pathfinders, articles, reviews, papers,
legal news, and tips. The domain was registered January 23, 2001 and the
site went \"live\" February 12, 2001.

Highlights of the Resources follow...
State Courts.

LexNotes has what we believe to be among the most comprehensive and most
current collections of links to state court sites and state court opinions.
In each jurisdiction, besides indicating the level of the court and the
sources providing opinions, a table reports the date range of coverage.
This helps the user decide which source to consult and, in some instances,
whether to bother. Page selection for hyperlinks to court opinions within
the source sites has been made manually in every instance.

Government Sites.

LexNotes offers strong coverage of federal and state site locators, web
sites of organizations under The President, federal executive branch
Departments (particularly Defense and Justice), the alphabet soup of
administrative agencies, administrative case law, Congress, and the
Judiciary including opinions, state government main sites, state
constitutions, state legislatures, state statutes, state attorneys general,
state secretaries of state, and state administrative registers and codes.

Extensive Non-Government Collections.

LexNotes provides extensive pointers to legal megasites (catalogs,
directories, indexes, and broad sites), journal and newsletter locators, law
reviews, legal news and articles, discussion lists, newsgroups, and bulletin
board, West Group, Reed Elsevier (LEXIS), and alternative commercial online
services, other legal publishers, lawyer directories, and expert witness
locator sites.

Bibliographies and Pathfinders.

LexNotes provides unique and growing collections of links to bibliographies
and pathfinders at academic sites and the sites of professional


LexNotes is gathering a unique collection of pointers to reviews of new
legal information products and services.

Extensive Coverage of Certain Related Subjects.

LexNotes provides extensive pointers to certain related subjects often
needed by legal researchers including patents, economy, finance, companies,
investing, online dictionaries, and \"invisible web\" search tools.

Industry Changes.

LexNotes collects information on major industry changes such as the
introduction of alternatives to Westlaw and LEXIS, the
litigation, the acquisition of by Wolters Kluwer, and the
acquisition of FindLaw by the West Group.


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