One Coach = 3 Reference Librarians

kmccook writes "From the the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR). The head football coach's salary would cover the salaries at doctoral institutions of...

three counseling psychologists or

four academic advisers or

three reference librarians or

four accountants or

three help desk managers .

The 2005-06 Administrative Compensation Survey report provides an overview of median salaries from all reporting institutions by affiliation, budget size and enrollment. Comparative tables break down data by budget quartiles and institutional classification. Other tables provide data by institutional classification for males/females, minority/nonminority, years of service and inside/outside hires. Get Surveys here."


Their accountants are not CPAs because you can get about 1/2 a CPA for a librarian. You can also get about 2 help desk staff per librarians in Tampa but they are barely literate although they have 3 years of experience.

please don't kill me for saying this, but the schools probably think that coaches bring in more money for the schools than the librarians. if librarians brought in enough money to pay for expenses AND get the school's name mentioned on TV all the time, then maybe we'd start getting paid more. true, education is not just about money, but it's a reality we have to live with.

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