Book Publishing Quickies


I have accumulated more than a few Book / Publishing Industry related stories, so here they are...

Scholastic creates new online lesson plan the folks that bring you Harry Potter has a new web site that includes lesson plans and Web-page builders for teachers as well as education information for parents.

Conflicted Copy Rights is a three-part series on how royalty fees and payments for copyrighted works are established.

The Right to Read is an interesting look at the future, one version of the future.

A few more follow...In Defense of Copyleft, Free Software Foundation founder and principle GNU developer Richard Stallman argues that the concept of copyright is inappropriate to the digital age and restricts freedom and innovation.

Banned Vietnam book on internet shows how the net can be used to get around censorship.

Book industry takes lessons from Napster has more on how the book publishers struggle to determine how to make money in this new digital world, and how they hope to avoid being Napsterized.

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