Unlikely dog tale tops U.S. best-seller list

Everyone knows all librarians have cats. If you're reading this you're probably a librarian, so chances are good you have a cat! But maybe you have a "dog person" in you're family that might be interested in this News On "Marley and Me -- Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog". The tale of a rambunctious puppy is proving its staying power in the dog-eat-dog world of U.S. best-sellers.
The nonfiction book has been on The New York Times bestseller list for 17 weeks. It seems likely to break the barrier of a million copies sold, a feat generally accomplished by no more than a dozen books each year in the U.S. hardcover non-fiction market.


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Unlikely or not, librarians do have DOGS!

Blake, maybe you need a dog? Or are fishing for comments?

Among my librarianly acquaintance, I can easily reel off over ten dog owners, and that's in the barely-trying category. Here's proof, Ladybug nicely nestled next to the bookcases (apologies for poor skills set on the part of the photographer). Do the slideshow for a more well-rounded view of Ladybug.

I understand the urge to document a relationship with a dog, but I won't be reading about Marley. Call me a curmudgeon on that one.

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