C-Span Today!: Codrescu AND Book Club

Submitted by rochelle on Fri, 02/17/2006 - 19:44

Yes, you'll want to clear your calendar for Satuday February 18 for an afternoon of riveting viewing on C-Span 2's BookTV. FOCL submitted information about the ALA President's program featuring the much talked-about "mugging" of Michael Gorman by Andrei Codrescu who pulled Cuba out from behind his back and used it, iron-skillet style, to clobber and stun not only Gorman, but those in attendance.
But, never mind that. The real excitement comes before that, at 2pm CST, when the Bloomington (IL) Public Library Books & Bites non-fiction bookclub struts its stuff in a recorded discussion of Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel & Dimed. While I did not attend, it was widely reported that the discussion got a little racy!
I hope to have a drinking game ready for this double-header. Stay tuned!
Update: 02/18 17:55 GMT by B :steve fesenmaier pointed out either the schedule changed or we got it wrong, BookTV says Codrescu is on today at 5:45 eastern. I just checked my TV and that's what's listed.