U.S. Starts Global Internet Freedom Task Force

The Search Guy writes "At a news conference, Josette Shiner, a top State Department trade expert, called the Internet the greatest purveyor of news and information in history" but said too often the flow is blocked by government censors. Shiner announced the formation of a task force that will consider, among other issues, the foreign policy aspects of Internet freedom, including the use of technology to restrict access to political content. She said it is a top U.S. government priority "to do all we can to ensure maximum access to information over the Internet. ABC News Has More"


I have to wonder how effective this task force can be when it will look everywhere except within and at the U.S. goverment. Is the Bush regime now worried about coming in second place to competing censors? Who will convene a task force to combat efforts by George Bush to bomb news outlets?

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