RIAA seeks to close "the analog-hole"


MJG writes "In light of all the tangles and snags of Intellectual Property laws and DRM, UnNews has posted a mock interview with the CEO of the RIAA:

The basic problem that the RIAA has in protecting it's property, is that after people have bought music, they can actually listen to it. So far we've made some very successful efforts to protect our property from our customers. However, even if we stop people from copying our property digitally, they will always be able hear it, and thus to reproduce it through analog means.
Like putting a taperecorder and a microphone next to the speaker?
Right, or by memorizing a song, and singing it to a friend who hasn't purchased the listening rights to the song. That poses a real problem for musical artists. If everybody can just sing the songs to each other, no one will ever pay for the music. That's the problem in a nutshell. Every user has it's analog hole - or a-hole as we've come to refer to it - and it's that hole that the RIAA is determined to seal. It's our intention to plug customer's a-holes.

For your collective viewing pleasure."

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