"We would be better off without these polls"


mdoneil writes "Not us here at LISNews.org where we have wonderful polls, but at the ALA. The quote "We would be better off without these polls," is by Michael Gorman regarding the 75% of the respondents to a recent poll at AL Direct that urged the ALA to condem Cuba.
The quote was from a Wall Street Journal article from Friday's edition entitled "Madame Librarian" (on page W11) A link to the fee based article is here. It is also available online from several vendors for those with electronic access.
This is not the kind of press the profession needs, yet it will be the kind of press we will get until get rid of Gorman and those that think as he does.
The last line of the article certainly gives us each as librarians, and the ALA as a whole, something to think about: "All something to remember in March, or any time the ALA next tells us that, on issues of freedom, librarians know best.""


Yeah, Clown Prince Gorman will be out of a job as ALA president in a few months, but is his successor, Leslie Burger, any better? Is she gonna support ALA principles by telling the truth about Cuba and supporting the independent librarians there? And isn't it the asleep-at-the-switch ALA council's job to ride herd on the morons who are giving U.S. librarians a bad name by lying about Cuba?

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