Valentine Picks From Salt Lake City Librarians

As we're well aware, Valentine's Day is fast approaching (did you cast your vote in the poll yet?), and for that occasion, the librarians of the Salt Lake City Public Library System (with its glorious facility) have chosen a few romantic selections for their readers.

Among their choices, works by Rainer Maria Rilke, Edgar Allen Poe, Shakespeare and Edna St. Vincent Millay. More from the Salt Lake Tribune .

LISNews readers, care to add your own selections?


Jeepers! How did that one not make their list? It's my all time favorite book and it's latest movie version is just about to be released on DVD.

Hmm...romantic selections doesn't just have to be books, right?The Front Runner by Patricia Nell WarrenMaurice both the movie and the book by E.M. ForesterThe Thorn Birds both mini series and book by Colleen McCulloughPride & Prejudice the mini series with Colin Firth (not the new movie and I'm not fussy on the book)My Beautiful Laundrette (movie)Beautiful Thing (movie)Um, yeah, that's about it for romance for me. I tend more to mystery/horror/suspense types of things. Generally the less romance the better.s/

Great novel of love and affection.

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