A New U.S. Supreme Court Justice is Sworn in

Our helpful pal search-engines-web.com writes "Samuel Anthony Alito Jr. was sworn in as the nation's 110th Supreme Court justice on Tuesday after being confirmed by the Senate in one of the most partisan victories in modern history."


It was nice to see all of the Justices at the State of the Union Address on television this evening.

Yeah, I get a kick out of how they avoid clapping on hot button issues.

Okay...I really want to know...WHO is searchengines.com? There's no clue on his/her site.Is this a colleague who is more introverted than most of us...or is this person a spy? ;)What was that? Static on the phone? Sounded like some bored guy hummming "Stairway to Heaven!" :)

...this relates to library/libraries/information science HOW exactly??

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