Editorial on Filtering in IL


Someone writes \"Here is the full
editorial from The Times Newspaper covering Lansing,
Illinois. The link I sent earlier in the week doesn\'t work
because the paper moves the stories to an archive. The
story appeared in the Times at http://www.thetimesonli

Publication date: 02/10/2000
Bring in Internet but take out trash
A Personal View

Kathy Valente
Founder, Citizens for Community Values,
This is in response to the Lansing Library director\'s Jan. 4
letter regarding the library\'s decision to have one
unfiltered terminal. The federal court case that William D.
Babcock refers to that could threaten our community
standards, took place in Loudoun County, Va., in the Fourth
U.S. District Court, which has no jurisdiction in Illinois
whatsoever. Judge Leona Brinkema, a former librarian,
ruled it was unconstitutional for the library to filter
adult terminals. Babcock may not be aware that a parallel
decision of hers was overturned by a higher court, thereby
allowing government employees to be restricted from viewing
sexually explicit material on government-owned
(taxpayer-purchased) computers. Legal experts believe the
Loudoun case would\'ve been overturned had they appealed. But
more importantly, this 4th District ruling doesn\'t apply to
The group that filed the suit against the Loudoun County
Library was started by the American Library Association
(which oppose all filters), represented by the ACLU and
received a monetary award from the Playboy Foundation.
Do the ALA and ACLU have an agenda? Click Read
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