Doing Research in 2006

Martin writes "The Forbes article about 'America's Most Connected Campuses' looked innocent (and it was). A side-bar photo essay comparing dorm rooms from 1976 to those of 2006 caught my eye (but it wasn't). It began innocently enough, with pairs of photos under headings such as 'Calling Home' -- 1976 = a pay telephone in the dorm lobby, 2006 = VOIP, or 'Typing Reports' -- an IBM Selectric, a laptop. But the fourth pair turned evil. 'Doing Research' in 1976 meant 'Stacks of books from the library.' In 2006 it means . . . guess what?"


That is reality in the academic setting. More and more budgets are directed towards online resources that allow students to work in dorms, homes, etc. It is not evil, just a change in usage.

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