Moving past stereotypes

The Fort Wayne Gazette takes a look at men, women who shed gender labels, and embrace non-traditional careers. "Thankfully, most people have moved beyond the stereotype of the old-maid librarian," says Steve Ankenbruck, the librarian at North Side High School. "Occasionally, I'll run across someone who looks at me as if I should be wearing little half-glasses and a bun. But for the most part, people are a little more open-minded these days."

Ankenbruck, who has worked as a librarian at North Side for four years, refers to himself as "one of the token males" in his field. Towering inches above the average woman, the former social studies teacher is hard to miss when he's spending time with his fellow librarians.


A favourite strip in the Unshelved archives had this to say about the subject... ip=20040201

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