Author Codrescu, at President's Program, Slams ALA's Cuba Stance


Library Journal has a story titled "Author Codrescu, at President's Program, Slams ALA's Cuba Stance" Codrescu grew up in Communist Romania and is a commentator on NPR.


Do you mean those wonderful folks who represent us on the ALA Council are finally going to wake up to the fact that they have been systematically deceived, hogtied and lobotomized by the hardcore idealogues who dominate ALA's Cuba policy? What a relevation from Andrei Codrescu!

Finally someone has the balls to call the ALA on something substantial. The ALA's policy on Cuban librarians (and yes they are librairians not so-called librarians) is absurd. American librarians should stand for freedom, the freedom to read what one wants without government interference. That the ALA can't bend its leftist spine to move that way is simply disgusting.

Gorman is of course an ass calling himself a Pinko and a Commie several times will of course endear him to the left wingers in ALA but it makes him look like an idiot. Saying that Council condemned the imprisonment of Cuban librarians when they did no such thing makes him look like an idiot and an ass.

If he wants the ALA to stay out of a political to and fro then tell them to stop passing resolutions about torture and other nonsense not related to libraries or librarians.

Is it true that next midwinter is being held on Michael Moore?

Is it true that next midwinter is being held on Michael Moore?

Um, wow. I knew he was a big guy, but really, holding a conference ON him? He's large enough for that? Will they be able to fit accomodations on him, too? And well, seating might be a bit...uncomfortable.Boggles the mind, really.

Sorry, my literal mind attacks again...

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Moore is a fat piece of shit, so ALA will have no problem with space. His odor might present problems.

Actually that is what I meant, I was just having a bit of fun.