Google discussed by UW Professor Joe Janes

D.A. Clements writes "Dr. Joe Janes, University of Washington Professor and google pundit, talks more about his favorite subject. Joe touches on such diverse subjects as Google's $3M backs World Digital Library, podcasting on Wikipedia, Maori chants from New Zealand, scrapbooks of people in Japan, daily life in Angola, images of people in Peru, why people in Texas want to secede, and Cave paintings at Altamira. We have access to information from around the world with very little effort. Joe discusses how Google has changed the way we work, how easy access to information may change how we think, and how a blog is like a cave painting.

This fascinating podcast was produced by students at the Information School in their new series, InfoSpeak. It's fitting that this podcast is produced by graduate students, because Google itself was created by graduate students in a dorm room."

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