Dr. Andew Weil promotes National Book Week


Redcardlibrarian writes "Dr. Weil, on his website (www.drweil.com) promotes the activity of reading has a healthy activity:

"Books are more than just educational. They serve as outlets for our fantasies, can be inspirational, motivational, or just relaxing - pretty much anything you want them to be! This is National Book Week - a time when we encourage you to turn off the TV and pick up a book. Visit your local library (if you do not have a borrower's card, call ahead and see what you need to bring), go to a bookstore (new or used), or ask a friend for a recommendation. You can even join a book club - a wonderful way to connect with others and learn from their perspectives. Many coffee shops and bookstores have postings for book clubs that delve into almost any topic.""

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