DOJ - Certain Anonymous Online Posts now Illegal writes "According to a section of the act, anyone who uses the Internet anonymously "with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass another person" can be tried for violating federal telecommunications law and face fines or jail. The broad language of the law has some online advocates concerned that it could be used to censure the expression of objectionable opinion simply because those opinions annoy someone, but its backers say that is not the case More @ Yahoo! And"


Hopefully someone is reading this:I don't knopw if lisnews does this already:In this item at slashdot: 0&tid=124
  On the Matter of Slashdot Story SelectionThis comment: 36798"Re:Nofollow Karma(Score:5, Informative)by CmdrTaco (1) Alter Relationship on Tuesday January 10, @11:44AM (#14436798)( | Last Journal: Tuesday December 20, @12:18PM)I think you just convinced me to add nofollow's to the submittor URLs."Given lisnews is a reasonably reliable source - ie search engines like google see it as having "value" and slashdot will now/soon longer give them what they want (higher page ranking) - kill the search engine spammers by adding "no follow" to the submitter url.

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