A remembrance of libraries past

This Weeks Cover Story in the New Times SLO - San Luis Obispo,CA, starts: "Once upon a time the public library was considered a pillar of democracy, but today its a different story, especially in San Luis Obispo County: It's a tale of survival."
Brian Reynolds, director of the county's public libraries: "We're trying to reinvent ourselves, he ventures, so we can be more available to people -- where they are and when they need us. Staffers who were formerly stamping books will be wandering the floors helping people on the spot, because if we're seen as inconvenient, if we don't provide service, you won't come back.


Great article.I agree that we need to come out from behind the desk and interact more with people in the library.Direct service to customers is where we win.Watching them using computers from afar really isolates us from the people who need our help most.

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