Irving (Tex.) Librarians drop appeal


Walter Betts writes "The Dallas Morning News reports that 'eight Irving school librarians dropped their challenge to a policy requiring middle school students to get written permission from their parents to check out a book about a teenage boy's recovery after being kidnapped and sexually abused by a man.'"


Like the one parent in the report, I do find it scary that one other parent can make a complaint and then the book is locked up. It does seem to set a precedent to make it easier to lock up or ban other books. As a parent myself, I think I would have liked to at least know that these things are thought through rather than going along with just one vocal critic. And for those who would like to know, yes, I think it would be fine for her to read it when she gets to middle school (she is elementary now). Like the book's author, I am disappointed the librarians chose to drop the appeal. Their appeasement of "We're still going to fight for First Amendment rights, just not this battle" rings rather empty. If this battle for a book was not worth fighting, what battle would be for them?

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