Gates & Rockefeller - Owning to Saving the World writes to share this interesting New York magazine piece, "Bill Gates and J. D. Rockefeller Similarities...Rockefeller's life traces essentially the same arc on which Gates appears to be traveling.
Gates's consolation is that his opportunity to be a transformational figure isn't lost with Microsoft's abeyance. This is not a trivial thing. Gates has already changed the world once; now, through his foundation - which is not only disgorging a gusher of funds but inventing a new model for philanthropy, driven by statistics, leverage, and an insistance on accountability - he has a chance to do it again.
  By the time of his death, in 1937, Rockefeller had attained an image in the public mind of a kind of secular saint. Today he's remembered as much for his acts of charity as for his earlier acts of commercial treachery."

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