Amorous students inhabit nooks in search of carnal knowlege

The Edmonton Journal reports those darn kids can't keep their hands off each other. "You would hear moans and groans," says Joanne Wotypka, who has worked at various libraries on the University of Alberta campus since 1994, and has occasionally come across amorous pairs who make the bookworms blush.

"People think that when they are behind closed doors, no one can hear them, but the walls are thin plywood. It's really like there is nothing there. The noise is the big giveaway."

"Perhaps it's because most libraries are such formal and oppressively silent public places," Long said. "The environment thus invites a bit of danger and attractive possibilities to those with exhibitionist tendencies."


At the public library where I worked for years, we could always tell when spring was coming by the number of teenagers snuggling in our storytime room. They stayed just out of view of the circ desk and it was actually the silence that generally alerted us that something was going on. That and the wide eyed children staring.

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