radical militant librarians-from news to fashion

Charles Greenberg writes "Yesterday I heard the NPR description of FBI frustrations with getting kicked around by "radical militant librarians" that are aiding terrorism by questioning the provisions of the Patriot Act, having to do with secretly obtaining library circulation records. See the email source for this phrase (paid for with our tax dollars).

Seeing an entrepreneurial opportunity, I have captured one definition of radical militancy on a boutique of active/casualware for one type of radical militant.

Don't forget to view the back of the shirt to see my definition.

It only takes about 20 minutes to set up a site like this, including the graphic.

Unabashedly, all profits go toward future college expenses for two less radical children...."


"Reads books in prime time"? The back seems like a non-sequitor. What does "reads books in prime time" have to do with "radical militant librarianism" or the patriot act? It seems an odd "definition". (OK, I get the connection between "librarian" and "reads books", but I was expecting something a bit more topical than just that...)

Ah well, I already bought this shirt:

"Protecting your right to read what you want"-- that one makes much more sense than the one linked to from the main post!

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