NARA does not need this kind of help

mdoneil writes "A member of Congress has proposed an Act "to provide for the creation of the Tupac Amaru Shakur Records Collection at the National Archives."

They are not collecting his records in the music sense of the word, but the records of his life and murder. If I recall Mr. Shakur was a drug dealing rap music artist of some acclaim. Apparently the fact that he shot two police officers (albiet in the arse) outside Atlanta earned him the acclaim of residents of that part of Georgia as he is remembered with the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts in Stone Mountain, Georgia. The honorable woman from Georgia's 4th district also wants a copy of those papers at the Tupac Amaru (not to be confused with the leftist Tupac Amaru terrorists, or the beheaded Inca ruler) Shakur Center for the Arts.
I love this woman. My friend Dan who lived in Atlanta for some time used to call me and send me links to articles about this woman when she was first elected. She blamed the Jews for losing the primary when she ran the second time. She asked some Saudi Arabian prince for $10MM when Guliani rightly urned it down soon after 9/11. She had visions, she wants reparations for slaves, even Zell Miller a good Georgia Democrat called her a loonie.
I love our government, it provides some of the funniest material I have ever seen. Need a chuckle read the proposed Act
Don't tell NARA it will give them agita."


Thanks for this. I looked up the TASF and it looks like some great things have occured in the wake of his death. I'd also like to point out that McKinney didn't make any derogatory statements regarding Jews, that was her father. I know, I live in her district, which is now hers again after taking it back from a republican endorsed Democrat who failed to win a senate seat.

I might also add that Zell Miller is indeed nuts.

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