The Inventor of the World Wide Web

Jay writes "An article published in the American Heritage brought our attention to Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web. When thousands of web pages are being created each month, most of us tend to use the web without reflecting on how this technology of today came to life. This is an interesting article which in my opinion, a must read.

Excerpts: "It was born just 15 years ago today, by one measurement, yet the Web has managed to affect everything from international commerce to personal relations, from how revolutions begin to how you look up a recipe for corn muffins." and "While the inventors of Netscape and Google and other businesses have amassed millions, Berners-Lee has not capitalized on the Web’s moneymaking potential. Instead he has stood by the principles of open access and the democratizing possibilities of his invention. He holds an academic position at MIT and runs the World Wide Web Consortium, a nonprofit working group dedicated to keeping the Web free and uninhibited." Read the complete article at: The Inventor of the World Wide Web"

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