Today's Front Pages

"Today's Front Pages" is an online presentation of one of the Newseum's most popular exhibits. Every morning, more than 400 newspapers from around the world submit their front pages to the Newseum via the Internet. When the Newseum opens in 2007 in downtown Washington, D.C., the Front Page Gallery will give visitors an up-close look at the day's news on 80 newspaper front pages from every state, the District of Columbia and countries around the world. The gallery — featuring a spectacular view of the U.S. Capitol — will provide the perfect setting for visitors contemplating the relationship between press and democracy.

Until then, the full selection of each day's front pages is available on by 9:30 a.m. daily.


I use this site when I teach my Internet class. Many of our patrons are older and they are not too familiar with the Internet but when they can see a hometown (or near hometown) newspaper it personalizes the Interent for them. It is also a good segue into the authority- or lack thereof on some Internet sites.

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