The next ALA president


Grumpy Librarian writes "ALA has announced the two candidates for ALA president:

Loriene Roy, professor at the University of Texas at Austin's School of Information; and

William Crowe, who heads the University of Kansas' (KU) Kenneth Spencer Research Library

Anyone have opinions on either of these?"

We used to run interviews with the candidates every year, if there's any interest out there in LISLand we could do that again this year.


I am familiar with Dr. Roy from the University of Texas School of Information, and know that she truly has the interest of America's libraries in mind. In this time when library schools are shifting away from teaching a "library" curriculum, Dr. Roy maintains traditional library classes from a fresh perspective, which I believe is just what ALA needs.

Hi, y'all,

Actually, I can claim some ability to do the cha-cha. One of my life goals is to learn the electric slide.


Loriene Roy

Thanks for posting to this blog! Here are a few comments about the classes I'm teaching this semester: "Public Libraries" and "Information Resources in the Social Sciences." Students in the PL class are in the midst of preparing their genre panels and their LSTA grants. This may be the only class in the curriculum where they receive experience in grantwriting. Students in Social Sciences are preparing pathfinders for clients including the Latinas/Latinos in World War Two Oral History Project and the Arizona campus of Dine College, the first tribal college in the U.S. They are also contributing content to the Bridge to TexShare for Rural and Small Libraries. This is a library instruction site providing database training to librarians working in small and rural libraries. Students are leaders in my ALA Presidential campaign and are serving as my Campaign Manager, Treasurer/Volunteer Coordinator, and Webmaster. You'll find more about the classes on my Web site:


Loriene Roy, Professor, School of Information, The University of Texas at Austin (also appointed as Professor in the Center for Women's & Gender Studies)


Do you mean the Twit list? At first I thought you meant Roy could "do the twist". :-D

I for one would love to see LISNews interviews with the candidates. Let me know if I can help in some way (Famous last words!).

I knew Bill Crowe pretty well during my active years in the profession. He is an outstanding person, extremely intelligent yet both human and humane. Though he has spent most of his career in academic libraries, he began in the bowels of Boston Public Library as a line employee. If I still belonged to ALA, I would vote for him in a second. Not belonging to ALA is another issue. As to his bloggery, he is working at a level where he probably doesn't have time to keep a diary, much less write something postable with any regularity

Roy is on the Twist List II (both actually), Crowe is not. Though I don't see Crowe listed as a Councilor either, I was under the impression that was almost a prerequisite.

And, if not, how do they feel about them? :)

Hi, LISNews--

Sure, feel free to set up an interview.
I've got a new blog as well. You'll find it at


Loriene Roy

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