Thinking / Information Literacy Exercise


Comment on this book. Be creative! Think outside the box. Be librarians! What do you see? What did you find after some research?
Book was written by a former Nebraska State Senator.


Connected to Gannon/Guckert...well might be one of those in the book.

Speaking of drivel. Now here is Pure Drivel.

And also resist the censor without who unilaterally decides what subjects are fit for comment and which ones aren't.
Ok, sure. Do you see this happening at LISNEWS?

And also resist the censor without who unilaterally decides what subjects are fit for comment and which ones aren't.

Is anyone forcing anyone to read or respond? Resist the censor within.

This junk is on here because it bothers assholes.

Stop wasting our time with this sort of drivel.

I also see that the book is connected on the web to lots of weird conspiracy sites. But that by itself does not make the book nutty. What throws me is that the state senator that wrote the book seems to be very rational on many things. He is a Vietnam vet and when we started the war in Iraq he wrote a editiorial warning of the dangers. I can't find any info on the web that questions his credibility and the things I have found are positive. So is the book truly nutty or have conspiracy sites made this book part of the conspiracy?
From the information that is available can you really say the book is nutty without actually seeing it? (This is a question to promote though not to question those people that have already said the book has issues.)

This book is referred to as part of an elaborate conspiracy theory/hoax all over the web. It's even referenced as part of a Wikipedia article on Bush family conspiracy theory (Texas Taliban, anyone?). The publisher is completely unknown, and it appears to be a self-publication job many presses are in Nebraska? Unfortunately, WorldCat lists 96 libraries who own this piece of idiocy, 23 of whom are in Nebraska. A piece of local insanity? Probably.

There are many logical fallacies in this type of book, one of which is that at some idyllic point in the past, everything was great, but now we are a society filled with evil people. If we could just clean up the town we could go back to the time when things were great. The problem is, this probably is the best time to have lived in the US. Sure, we have problems, but according to statistics, overall things are pretty good (income, housing prices, health, crime, education etc.). So why do we keep hearing these stories?

I chalk things up to an increase in the amout of information accessible by the average person. With the internet, 24 hour TV news, talk radio its fear fear FEAR all day long.

If even half of what I have heard is true, this is the biggest thing to ever hit Nebraska," Gary Caradori told his wife, Sandie,..."

Not only is half of what he heard not true, but approximately 100 percent of the hysteria over child abuse and satanism in the U.S. is exactly that: hysteria. It derives from moral panics and fear mongering by "leaders" and is complete reactionism of the sort where people are burned at the stake for mumbling to themselves. This appears, prima facie, to be just a case of such a reactionary naively swallowing hook, line, and sinker. Odds are that the book is bullshit from start to finish.

This may be the second time we've agreed on this list. This satanic cult stuff has been floating around at least for 30 years. Good Halloween fodder. But I haven't read the book and probably won't.

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