Simmons College Receives Grant For Future Vietnamese Librarians

Atlantic Philanthropies, based in Bermuda, has donated $1.8 million to provide education for 25 Vietnamese library students, leading to their acquiring advanced degrees in one of the oldest and largest graduate schools of library science. Simmons College , devoted to diversity programs, has been at the forefront of educating Vietnamese librarians for the past twelve years.

Story from PR Newswire .


Wouldn't it be better to establish a good library school in Vietnam? I am sure some distinguished faculty would be willing to teach in Vietnam to train the future faculty there. I have had Vietnamese professors that were wonderful, and I am certain they would love to to have the opportunity continue their research and teaching in their home country (they all may not go but it would be nice to be given the opportunity.)

So instead of making a dozen or so librarians at Simmons who may or may not decide to go back to Vietnam.

I'm sure you've heard it before, give a man a fish... well give Vietnam a dozen librarians they get a dozen librarians, give them a good library school (started with a $1.8MM donation) and they have a growing population of educated librarians.

$1.8 million could go a long way in Vietnam if it's not eaten up by corruption. I'd use half of the money to train a cadre of library school instructors, and use the rest to finance a small library school for several years, which could train many dozens of students.

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