Unearthing Books Embedded in Pop Culture


gsandler writes "Here is a
story from the New York Times about Simon
and Schuster's
efforts to find pop culture books. "Much of the publishing world was in Frankfurt last week for the annual book fair, but for the publisher Jennifer Bergstrom, it was a place she chose to avoid.
"I would rather go to the Aspen comedy festival," she said. As the publisher of Simon Spotlight
, a fledgling imprint at Simon & Schuster devoted to pop culture for readers age 18 to 35, "That is how we scout for material," she said..."Ninety percent of our authors are first-time authors, and most of them have platforms in other media," Ms. Bergstrom said recently. "And what we decide to publish is greatly affected by our publicity department - who we can get on 'The Daily Show' or who might be great on a radio tour."(Registration is required by the NY Times web site.)"

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