Kenyan Camel Library On The Move


For the nomads of north-east Kenya, a library in a building would not be suitable...hence this unusual but completely functional Camel Library. Three caravans serve 3,500 registered users, and the schools are seeing an improvement in student work.
Very cool pictures and story from the BBC

Just wish we can a camel icon...

Update by Dan G. Borrowed from Slashdot but here's a camel.
Camelthanks Dan G! -birdie


I thought I was a beast of burden at work. That was a very cool article. I would love to be the camel librarian except I don't speak Somali, or more than a few dozen Swahili words (Jambo Mara!)and if I had to take care of the camels they would probably be dead in a week.

I wonder what a girl camel costs? Or maybe a motorcycle. Can you send them money. They should have put an address for donations. I'd gladly send what an ALA membership would cost me.

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