My Name is Earl


infodiva writes "I wasn't sure where to put this, but last night my husband and I were watching the TV sitcom "My Name is Earl"--which, surprisingly, has turned out to be pretty funny. Earl is a never-do-well who is trying to make up for the bad things he has done and create good karma. Anyhow, in last night's episode Earl teaches class to ESL students--and one of the first things he teaches them is directions to the local public library!Sounds like it has the makings of a new ALA PR campaign to me: slap "Earl" on a poster with "Visit the Library, Get good Karma." :) If anyone is interested the web site is I couldn't find video of the episode..."


and I've dreaded the concept of a television show called "My Name is Earl." It seems every odd character is named Earl, which explains why I haven't used the name for 25 years.

However, having heard this, I'll give the show and the name credit.

That said I haven't seen the show, nor any other for the past 12 years, as I live in a 450foot hole.

from the most beautiful rivertown in America

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