Analog TVs may be useless on April 7th 2009

Topic: writes "Senate Commerce Committee staffers have drafted a bill setting April 7, 2009 -- -- as the date to end nationwide analog TV broadcasts and complete the switch to digital transmission.Millions of people who watch traditional, over-the-air analog broadcasts on sets with antennas will have to buy new digital TVs or set-top converter boxes to keep getting signals.Congressional aides said they settled on the deadline -- which falls one day after the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball championships -- so as not to cut off any TV viewers at the height of the popular college basketball tournament.Washinton Post Has More"


It's not clear from the article but what they are proposing is actually a delay on the current deadline, which last I checked was Dec 31 2006. See,1412,64299,00 .html.So if nothing happens analog dies next we've known about for quite a few years.

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