What the Judge found....

Cortez writes "When Steve Ehlmann pokes around he doesn't mess around: "Ehlmann knew the documents were important, but he didn’t necessarily know he had stumbled across a historical treasure that would later make state archivists beam and researchers nationwide scramble for a look."Check out stltoday.com for the rest of the story."


This is great...first we have a report of a librarian's discovery of a Beethoven manuscriptin PA and now these important historic documents!It's no longer good enough to gather,store,stack, and forget...yes, I know archives aredeluged with stuff, an many have few staffto deal with all of it...BUTWhen archivists are active and catalog and createEADs and digitize and PROVIDE ACCESS to therare, obscure and historical, they share thetreasure with all of us, instead of lettingit be forgotten somewhere gathering dust!

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