OpenWorldCat to Get Amazon-style Features?


AshtabulaGuy writes "OCLC just announced a new OpenWorldCat pilot sub-project through FIRSTSEARCH-L. The pilot will involve allowing users to contribute "details" (which would include tables of contents that would otherwise be encoded using "505" formatted content tags in MARC21 by ctalogers) and "reviews" by users in the style of The press release also noted that these features that are presently in testing may eventually make their way into the subscription-based WorldCat database. It is uncertain whether or not this will run into quality control issues like Wikipedia has had mentioned recently, though."


Lars Aronssen over at Web4Lib makes some interesting points about "who will own" the reviews at OpenWorldCat. Best of all, Mike Teets from OCLC answered him on the list in a matter of hours. Now there is a vendor who wants to engage!

Meanwhile, OpenWorldCat did not seem to like my review of The Mermaid Chair. Or I submitted it wrong. But I don't think so. Will I ever know? Too bad I didn't keep a copy...

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