Blinkx Seeks IPTV Spark With Video Blog, Search Service


TechNewsWorld has an item that caught my eye on video blogging

Google Video already offers a similar upload service. Google has been seen trying to leverage users' video blogs as a way to beef up the content is has for users to search through when using its video search function. That in turn will help it overcome the limitations of having video being searched located mainly on third party servers.

In my local paper last week (still trying to find a link to it), there was an article about churches using video blogging to attract (and keep) younger members, as well as to help older members who cannot attend church. I thought it was particularly important vis a vis the library-world because they realized that they could use video blogging to show what a "real" church community was like to distinguish it from the perception of organized religion at large.

This got me thinking that it is interesting in the sense that "even" churches are catching on to technology and sometimes I feel that as a "technology advocate" for my library I am looked at askance when I make technologically-advanced suggestions. But these are the things that make and keep us "relevant," in my opinion.

How/will vlogging impact the libraryworld? Some people seem to think blogging itself is dead already. I wonder.

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