Google and Yahoo - illiterate monks?


There's a fantastic thread over on the SHARP-L list: "Google and Yahoo - illiterate monks?".
The SHARPists have been discussing Google, electronic texts, and the future of the printed word. There's over a dozen messages so far, and they're all worth a read.


We dismiss that which we don't understand?Seems like people are spending too much time dismissing, and not much time thinking. One good link in the thread, "How Transistor Radios and Web (and Newspapers and Hi-Fi radio) are Alike: I'm drawing allota parallels between this and libraries. I think the web, and computers, are in their "TR-1" stage right now, and I see many librarians dismissing technology as imperfect to elevate their favorite methods of storage. Like the radio manufacturers from the article, we've "built our fortunes" and don't see the value in many new technologies because they are currently inferior. We do nothing to elevate ourselves in the minds of the people we are losing.To paraphrase what was written. Libraries problem in the current technology climate isn't one of content, it's the package. Society is moving away from the printed word, because it can't be viewed on screen. It doesn't matter if you think books can't be read on computers. They can be now, and coming soon it'll be even easier.

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